Nugens NuRemoteApp

PC Keyboard & Mouse Controller

IoT technology allows your phone or tablet to control your computer
by simulating your mouse, keyboard and touchpad

Nugens NuRemoteApp is a smart computer remote control app that allows mobile phones or tablets to control computers and link to Nugens' software. NuRemoteApp uses Wi-Fi connection technology to install the corresponding software and app on the computer and mobile device to simulate the mouse, keyboard and touchpad, and support shortcuts such as direction keys, which can remotely control the computer without being limited by distance, angle, and location.

NuRemoteApp can also control the CamSwitcherPro visualizer software, with the Nugens PTZ camera, tablet or smartphone can remotely control the position of the lens, use the preset function to quickly switch to the preset angles, and also support zoom in or zoom out, image capture, video recording, freeze image, mirror or rotate. Besides, it supports the Annotation function, which makes quick marks easier when teaching or in meetings.

In addition to controlling CamSwitcherPro, it can also control the volume of the speakerphone, the volume of the computer and the multimedia playback control, and activate the SmartScheduler smart advertising software. Smarter remote computers and Nugens devices.

NuRemoteApp currently supports 2 languages: English and Traditional Chinese, download NuRemoteApp for free now!

*Insider Tips*
1. When the connection is abnormal, please close the NuRemoteApp, and then re-run the software. To close the program, please right-click the icon in the Toolbar on the right corner and right-click it, then select Exit, as shown below:

2. When the connection fails, please add NuRemoteApp to the whitelist of the firewall and anti-virus software on the PC client or disable the firewall and anti-virus software.

3. When the connection fails, please check whether there is other mirroring software or similar software by using the same connection method in the background of the PC to prevent the Wi-Fi from being occupied by the software.



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NuRemote app下載
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