Nugens NW-200TR

HDMI Wireless Extender

High-speed point-to-point HDMI wireless direct transmission technology.
Fast transmission with low delay, get rid of HDMI cables!

HDMI Wireless Extender TX,RX

Wireless HD Audio and Video Transmission

Supports multiple resolutions 480i/576i ~ 1080P @ 50/60 Hz wireless high-definition audio and video formats.

Wireless HD Audio and Video Transmission

200M Wireless Transmission Distance

Extend the wireless transmission distance to 200 meters without interference from shelters in a straight line distance, no matter if it is a large conference room, office, or exhibition venue, all can be wireless. It is troublesome to install the HDMI cables, and the audio and video signals will not be attenuated due to long-distance wiring problems.

The use of Nugens HDMI Wireless Extender in large conference rooms with laptops and projectors, and large-screen synchronous projection

Smart Classroom with Wireless Connection

In addition to supporting Windows PC, the Nugens Wireless HDMI Transmitter also supports iPads. You only need to connect an external adapter to connect iPads to HDMI output, and easily synchronize audio and video to large screens or projectors, achieving a smart classroom with multiple screens.

The usage scenarios of Nugens HDMI Wireless Extender in classroom desktop, iPad and projector, and large screen synchronous projection

Not Limited by Distance

Connected to the Nugens wireless HDMI transmitter, the game console is no longer limited by the length of the HDMI cable, better space organize in the home.

Nugens HDMI Wireless Extender connects the game host to project to the living room next door and uses the wireless joystick to play games.

Low-Budget Marketing Ideas

Connect the Nugens wireless HDMI transmitter to easily project the promotional video or advertising contents to the large screen simultaneously by using the work PC on the counter.

The Nugens HDMI Wireless Extender is connected to the store counter computer, and the usage scenario is synchronously projected to the in-store advertising screen

Infrared Signal Extender

Support the infrared signal extension of the audio-visual device, the infrared signal range of the device can be extended through the IR transmitter and receiver, and the infrared can also be used to control the device when it is out of the original receiving range of the device.

Schematic diagram of Nugens HDMI Wireless Extender using IR transmitter and receiver to expand the infrared range

Simultaneously Up to 4 Displays

1 transmitter (TX) can be connected to up to 4 receivers (RX), which means 4 displays can be displayed at the same time.

Schematic diagram of Nugens HDMI Wireless Extender displaying 4 devices at the same time

Product Interface

Nugens HDMI Wireless Extender TX front interface introduction diagram
The back of the Nugens HDMI Wireless Extender
Nugens HDMI Wireless Extender RX front interface introduction diagram

1. TX-HDMI Input

2. TX-HDMI Output

3. TX-Infrared Transmitter Output

4. TX-Working Status Indicator Light

5. TX-Power Indicator Light

6. TX-Power Input DC12V

7. RRX-HDMI Output

8. RX-Infrared Receiver Input

9. RX-Working Status Indicator Light

10. RX-Power Indicator Light

11. RX-Power Input DC12V

12. Antenna Connection Hole

13. Antenna Connection Hole

14. Reset Button (For Engineering Use)


HDMI / HDCP version HDMI V1.4 / HDCP V1.2
Compressed format H.264
Maximum pixel clock 165MHz
Maximum data rate 6.75Gbps
Resolution 1920X1080@60Hz (Max.)
Connector HDMI-A
Impedance 100Ω
Recommend HDMI/Maximum input/output range Less than 5 meters when 1920 X 1080 @ 60 Hz
Interface 3.5mm IR port
Signal direction Unidirectional
Signal type Digital
IR frequency 20-60kHz
Radio frequency power 13dbm
Wireless 802.11ac
Signal direction Unidirectional
Radio frequency 2.4G/5G
Transmission distance 200 meters; 656 feet
Power DC 12V/1A
Power consumption Transmitter/receiver max. 9W
Working temperature -5°C ~ 70°C
Working humidity 5% ~ 90%
Product size 117X82X25(mm)