Type-C to Type-C Charging Cable Product

Nugens UC-P300

Type-C to Type-C Charging Cable 3M

High-Speed Charging & Transmission

Type-C to Type-C Charging Cable Feature

Support high-current PD fast charging, super fast charging speed.

Using 5A 100W high-current fast charging technology, it charges quickly like lightning, filling up the battery in a short time, eliminating long waiting times.

Type-C to C Charging Cable

High-speed transmission, faster than ever.

With a maximum transmission speed of 480Mbps, it easily backs up and transfers audio and video data.

Notebook,Pad use Nugens Type-C to C Cable Transmission

3m length is not just a number, it's freedom!

The 300cm length gives you the freedom to easily handle various needs without worrying about the length.

Type-C to C Charging Cable 1-1.5M
Type-C to C Charging Cable 2-3M

Extremely durable, resistant to bending and stretching.

Using high-density braided rope and 45-degree bending-resistant design, it is absolutely strong and durable, preventing the cable from breaking or bending. Selecting high-quality wires for fast transmission and low loss.

Extremely reinforced, aluminum alloy integrally formed.

The aluminum alloy casing is integrally formed with specially reinforced joints, which are resistant to insertion and withdrawal and oxidation, and increases the service life.

Type-C to C Charging Cable

Comprehensive protection, intelligent identification chip.

Built-in E-MARKER intelligent identification chip, provides stable and safe full-speed charging.

Type-C to C Charging Cable

Plug and charge, double-sided without burden.

The Type-C interface supports both positive and negative insertion, eliminating the trouble of finding the correct direction of the plug and making charging easy.

Compatible with Various OS & Devices

The cable connects the world! Suitable for various Type-C interface devices, including phones, tablets, computers, and game consoles, making it a versatile cable.

Type-C to C Charging Cable
Type-C to C Charging Cable


Connector Type-C to Type-C
Rated voltage and current 20V/5A
Output Power 100W
Transmission interface USB2.0
Transmission rate 480Mbps
Cable length 3M
Material Nylon braided rope, Aluminum alloy shell
Package Size(mm) 185 x 230(mm)
Certified Certified
Package Contents Type-C to Type-C High Speed Transmission Charging Cable x 1