VX100 All-in-one complete functionality

Nugens VX100

All-in-one complete functionality

  • New DSP technology enhanced superior sound quality especially clear with chat tool
  • New duplexing system allows stronger signals stability to flow in both directions simultaneously
  • Switchable between uni-directional and omnidirectional configuration
  • x3 switchable omni-directional mics
  • Easy plug and play / Bluetooth connect (Driver free)

Nugens VX100, the small (280g) but strong compact is designed with all-in-one functionality requested and tested by heavy con-call users. Supporting bluetooth connect and x3 switchable omni-directional mics, Nugens VX100 fits a 10-15 m2 meeting room with 10ft pick up range, presenting a clear audio quality with new DSP technology (improving the accuracy and reliability), noise reduction, auto gain control and Full duplexing system (allows stronger signals stability to flow in both directions). Easy plug and play thru USB to your laptop, pad and phone without installing driver required. Voice on all chat tool can be explicitly transmitted. Reach out to us now and get a free intro from our expert.

reasons why an omni-directional microphone is better

Did you ever experience an embarrassed remote conference call, not because you don’t prepare well, but because your clunky, sluggish conference phone that accompanied with noise and weak signal? You think the unpleasant come all from the unstable broadband, but the problem can literally be solved by a technology enhanced conference microphone. According to the statistics, a smooth remote conference call can improve 60% chance of your business acquisition. A conference microphone is the most important, but least mentioned thing in our attention.

The dis/advantage between an omni-directional microphone and traditional microphone (Take Nugens VX100 as example):

1.Wider pick up range
The traditional microphone pick up voice range is lower than the omni-directional microphone. Traditional microphone is not design for a meeting room environment while omni-directional microphone has a 360° pick up range to get all participant involved in meeting

2.Easy plug n play
Omni-directional microphone is designed for the complete compatibility of today’s technology device. Bluetooth and USB are applied to free up the installation process for a friendly, easy setup. The best audio setting can automatically be detected. While the traditional microphone takes manual setting and takes more time to set up the best setting.

3.Echo/noise reduction
Most of the omni-directional microphone is enhanced with echo/noise reduction technology to suppress the surrounding environment noise that is picked up by microphone. Traditional microphone, normally without a noise reduction technology, causes an uncomfortable speaking experience over phone. The most common thing is you stretch your head you still hear murmuring.

Omni-directional conference microphone now is developing into a new stage that can provide speaker/lercturer/influencers a more versatile functionality and comfortable environment. Mostly, they are upgraded with new DSP technology (to enhance superior sound quality) and new duplexing system (allows stronger signals stability to flow in both directions simultaneously). Bluetooth connect, echo/noise reduction, easy plug and play, wider pick up range 3m2 and x3 switchable omni-directional mics are all carried to provide superior sound quality with all form of chat tool.


Interface USB2.0 Full speed interface
Max. POWER About 2.5W
Power supply USB power supply(5V/500mA)
Radio interference standard VCCI level B
Operating environment Temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees C working humidity: 20 ~ 85% (no frost)
Size 140x32x140mm,243x45x170mm (before and after packaging)
Weight 280g/500g (before and after packaging)
Computer environment Windows 10 (64bit/32bit), Windows (8.1 * 64bit/32bit), Windows 8 (64bit/32bit), Windows 7 (64bit/32bit), Windows Vista SP1 (32bit), Windows XP SP2 (32bit), Windows 2000 SP4, Mac OS X 10.5 (only equipped with Intel processor machine)
Accessories USB cable (2.0m), Manual, Quality Certificate
Others firmware update(using PC to import through the USB line)

Audio parameters

Microphone x3 omni directional microphones
Speaker 1 (mono cycle)
Volume Max 85dB (0.5m)
Frequency bandwidth 300~20,000Hz
Signal processing Adaptive echo canceller, noise reduction, The 3 alternative mic can be corresponding to the switching control